"Golf is a GAME and games are meant to be enjoyed."


          - Raymond Floyd

With a single lesson, you will learn about your equipment and have a general introduction to golf.  You will learn how to hold the club, how to stand, and the basic fundamentals of how to swing.  You will hit the ball in the air and understand how to repeat that result.  

A series of three lessons will include instruction about the basic fundamentals along with developing your solid ball contact.  You will learn about cause-and-effect and understand why the ball does what it does.  Chipping and putting will be covered.

A series of five lessons will get you ready to play golf on a course.  You will learn the basic fundamentals, gain more solid ball contact and consistency, and learn the difference between pitching and chipping.  Driving and hybrids will also be covered.  This series will give you all the basics necessary to be confident about playing on the golf course.

Lessons for New or Beginning Golfers will generally follow these outlines:

Single lesson

Three lessons

Five lessons

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