Lesson Content

Golf is a complex game with many components to learn.  Students come to lessons with different experience levels, abilities, needs and goals.  Therefore, lessons are always tailored and personalized for a student's specific situation.


For students who are new to golf, I recommend taking the "Intro to Golf" package of lessons.  Through these lessons you will be introduced to all facets of the game and you will be prepared to play on the course.

For students who already play golf, here is a general overview of content that can be covered with 1, 3, or 5 lessons:

1 lesson

3 lessons

5 lessons

In a single lesson, we will discuss your goals and decide on one area of improvement.  We will work on the area that needs changing and you will learn how to make the change last.  Drills and practice ideas will be given.

In three lessons, we will add to the above.  Further time will be spent on the area of improvement and multiple areas of improvement can be addressed if needed.  We will spend one lesson working on short game shots and techniques (we can spend more/less time on short game, depending on your needs).

In five lessons, we will continue to refine the changes above, and add important concepts related to the mental game.  Strategies and suggestions for on-course play will be an additional focus.   

"Golf is a GAME and games are meant to be enjoyed."


          - Raymond Floyd