Five lessons

Three lessons

Single lesson

Lessons for Intermediate Golfers will generally follow these outlines:

With a single lesson, you will learn about your individual swing and what areas of improvement are needed.  You will identify your goals and learn drills to improve your technique.  You will understand the cause-and-effect of your shots and know what to watch for when playing on the course.

A series of three lessons will include an overview of both your long and short game.  You will identify your goals and choose what to focus on improving.  You will be given drills and ideas for making the technique changes required to meet your goals.

A series of five lessons will give you a more in-depth understanding of your whole golf game, including your swing, short game, and mental game.  You will identify your goals and understand how to make the changes you need in order to improve.  You will be more prepared to play golf on the course, know how to score better, and appreciate the importance that the mental game has on your performance.

"The formula for success is simple: practice and concentration, then more practice and more concentration."

             - Babe Didrikson                     Zaharias

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